How to file an insurance claim with at&t

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How much is the insurance deductible for AT&T?

AT&T Mobile Insurance program detailsStandard DeductibleTier A$25Tier B$50Tier C$125Tier D$200

How much does it cost to replace an AT&T phone with insurance?

Mobile Insurance

Monthly cost: $8.99 per mobile number enrolled. Sign up at

How do I get a replacement phone from AT&T?


  1. Check the warranty terms and conditions to figure out if your phone is eligible. …
  2. Call 800-331-0500 to reach the AT&T customer service line. …
  3. Wait 4–6 days for the replacement phone to come in the mail. …
  4. Send your old phone back to AT&T within 10 days using the provided shipping.

How does AT&T phone insurance work?

AT&T Mobile Insurance and Protect Advantage for 1 and for 4 plans all provide protection against lost or stolen devices, accidental physical or liquid damage, and out-of-warranty malfunctions. We also offer screen repair on limited devices in select areas.

What is the AT&T Protect for 1 fee?


How do I claim phone insurance?

How to make a claim

  1. Call your insurer on their claims number (this is on your policy documents) and let them know you need to make a claim.
  2. Explain what has happened to your mobile phone. …
  3. Fill out any paperwork and send your insurer any supporting documents they have asked for.

What happens if you lose your phone AT&T?

AT&T, on its website, advises customers to report a lost or stolen phone and suspend their service, buy a new device and then reactivate service. … You’ll get a reconditioned phone and it may not be identical to the one you lost.

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Can you add insurance to a AT&T phone anytime?

For $8.99 a month, billed to your regular AT&T account, you can insure one phone or tablet against “loss, theft, physical or liquid damage.” It also covers out-of-warranty malfunctions. AT&T says a replacement device could be sent out the same day a claim is filed, although it may take longer.

What should I say to a phone insurance company?

Write down the facts and have them before you. Always tell the truth. Be courteous and follow all the rules and answer all the request for information from the insurer. To do otherwise may be construed as insurance fraud and may lead to a declination of your claim.

Will AT&T replace a defective phone?

We’ll check your device for warranty eligibility. If the device has liquid or physical damage, you’ll pay the full replacement value for the device. For AT&T PREPAID, if it qualifies for an exchange, we’ll credit your credit or debit card for the cost of the replacement.

Can I trade my AT&T phone for a new one?

Once you meet your plan’s eligibility requirements, you may trade in your smartphone for a newer one. Keep in mind that your phone must be fully functioning and in good condition.

Are AT&T replacement phones new?

Devices under warranty

New—typically 1-year manufacturer warranty. AT&T Certified Restored—typically 90-day warranty. AT&T Certified Pre-Owned—no warranty. … Insurance replacement devices from Asurion, including Apple-branded devices—typically carry a warranty of 1 year after replacement date.

Does AT&T insurance cover cracked screens?

AT&T has a new service that will fix the screen of some iPhone and Android devices. … Repairs can be made the same day you turn in a claim with AT&T, assuming the Asurion technician is available and you get your claim in by 2pm local time. The new repair service is available only for select devices for now.

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How does insurance on a phone work?

Cell Phone Insurance

The purpose of buying insurance is to protect against the things that a manufacturer’s warranty does not. … Additional insurance will usually cover: Accidental damage including a cracked screen and water damage. Mechanical and electronic failures, if your manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

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